Technical Summary Of Front Car Light Mould

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Technical Summary Of Front Car Light Mould

  An automobile headlight decorative frame is one of the important parts of the headlights, and its appearance is strict, so the mold needs electroplating treatment. For car front car light mould, the following points should be paid attention to when designing:

  (1) Weld lines should be avoided first for electroplated parts because any welding line will appear in electroplated parts, which will affect the appearance of plastic parts. Avoid weld lines when designing a gating system. If the weld line is inevitable, try to get it to the non-appearance area. Before designing a gating system, it should be verified by mold flow analysis.

  (2) Decorative frames are generally designed with patterns on their surfaces. When designing molds, attention should be paid to the depth of plastic parts' patterns, which are generally prone to flow lines.

  (3) The molding process range of plastic parts is small, and the surface of plastic parts is easy to produce bright spots and difficult to control. When designing the gating system of the mold, the runner should be thick and large, and the gate should be a fan-shaped gate with a large width of about 35~40mm, which is beneficial to melt filling.

  (4) The plastic parts of the decorative frame are prone to sticking to the fixed mold. The prophase design prevention to solve the sticking of plastic parts is generally:

  A. The inside of the plastic part is easy to stick to the mold and has a strong clamping force, and the depth of the inverted thread is 0.5~1mm, and the inverted thread is designed near the rounded corner of the plastic part.

  B. The inner side of the corresponding plastic part where the clamping force of the plastic part is large is designed with reinforcing ribs, and an inverted hook is designed on the push rod. According to the characteristics of this plastic part, reinforcing ribs and BOSS columns (commonly known as driller columns) should be designed on the plastic parts inside the six LED lamp areas to avoid the deformation of the plastic parts.