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Talk About The Car Plastic Injection Mould

80% of mold quality depends on mold design and plastic part design. The development of the mold industry is inseparable from the hard work of mold designers. There is no essential difference between car plastic Injection mould and other injection moulds, but it also has many characteristics of its own. Since the added value of automobile injection molds is generally high, many advanced technologies (such as sequence valve hot runner control technology, internal parting surface technology, low pressure injection molding technology, etc.) are first developed and applied in automobile injection molds. If the mold design engineer is compared to a soldier, then the automotive injection mold design engineer is undoubtedly a special soldier. Because the design of automotive injection molds is difficult, the structure is complex, and the design cycle is long, usually half a month to more than a month to complete. For medium and large automobile molds, such as dashboards, bumpers, door panels, etc., the design difficulty and cycle are greater and longer. The remuneration of engineers engaged in the design of automobile injection molds in China is much higher than that of engineers engaged in other mold designs.

The development of human civilization is based on the foundations of predecessors, especially science and technology. The development of automobile injection molds to this day is the result of summing up the experience of the predecessors. It is possible that the mold design will never be good if you work behind closed doors.

Because the cavity surface of auto parts is very complicated, the injection molding machine should consider its particularity when designing, and configure some special function programs: such as multiple core pulling functions, timing control functions, injection molding machine matching mold changing device functions, matching access The functions of a piece of manipulator device, etc. These special functions have obvious advantages in the production of Auto interior parts mould.