Repair And Maintenance Methods Of Car Parts Mould

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Repair And Maintenance Methods Of Car Parts Mould

  The basic method of repairing car parts mould scratches: Deep or shallow scratches on the surface of the car are always accompanied. The depth of the scratches is distinguished by whether the scratched part is exposed or not. The primer is called deep. Scratches are otherwise called shallow scratches. If there is a deep scratch, the exposed metal will quickly rust and extend to the edge of the scratch, increasing the difficulty of repairing.

  Lacquer pen repair method: Use a paint pen of similar color to smear the scratches. This is the paint pen repair method. This method is relatively simple, but the adhesion of the paint on the repair site is not enough, it is easy to peel off and difficult to last.

  Spraying method: This is to repair the scratches by the traditional touch-up method. The main disadvantage is that the damaged area of ​​the original paint is relatively large, and the repair time is relatively long, and the effect is difficult to achieve.

  Computerized paint spraying method: Combining computerized paint mixing and using a new process method to repair deep scratches. This is a fast technical repair of automobiles, but the main requirement is that the color can be accurately deployed and the repaired area is as large as possible After shrinking, and then treated with a special solvent, the new and old topcoats can be better integrated to achieve the best adhesion.

  If sandpaper and "coarse wax" are used to polish the paint surface, it is very difficult to make the car paint achieve the required mirror effect. Therefore, car paint care materials must be used in the treatment of car paint mirrors. At present, putty and polishing agents are generally used, and the material with the best mirror effect is a polishing agent.

  The size of the material particles or the effect of the polishing agent is divided into three types: micro polishing, medium polishing, and deep polishing. Micro-polishing is used to remove very slight paint damage, generally refers to environmental pollution and acid erosion (guano, fallen leaves, etc.) that have just occurred (within a few days), but this kind of slight damage can currently use wax containing polish Replace micro-polishing; medium-polishing and deep-polishing are mainly used to deal with different degrees of hair scratches. Also, the medium polishing effect is better for transparent paint, while the deep polishing effect is faster for ordinary paint.