Plastic Injection Mould Custom Processing Attention

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Plastic Injection Mould Custom Processing Attention

  With the rapid development of the industry, the application of plastic Injection mould has become more and more extensive. In modern manufacturing, the forming of product components almost all require the use of molds.

  When plastic Injection mould is custom processing, the first step is to control the dimensional accuracy. Dimensional accuracy refers to the fact that the actual size of the product after processing is at the same level as the tolerance level of the size. The dimensional accuracy of plastic Injection mould is controlled by dimensional tolerances. The dimensional tolerance is the allowable amount of change in the size of the part in the drilling production process. In the case of the same basic size, the smaller the dimensional tolerance, the higher the dimensional accuracy.

  The second is the control of shape and position accuracy, which is controlled by shape and size tolerances. The geometric tolerance refers to the level of consistency between the actual graphic shape of the product after processing and the idealized graphic shape. The latest items for evaluating shape accuracy include flatness, coaxiality, cylindricity, and contour.

  The other is to do a good job of controlling the accuracy of the part, which is controlled by the shape and size tolerance. It refers to the difference in the accuracy of the actual part of the product in the middle of the surface after processing. When evaluating the accuracy of a part, it can be evaluated from many aspects such as flatness, flatness, inclination, parallelism, and symmetry.

  Therefore, when customizing plastic Injection mould, pay special attention to the control of precision. The shape error will be controlled within the shape and size tolerance, and the position error should be smaller than the size tolerance. For precision-machined parts or important surfaces of parts, the shape accuracy requirements should be higher than the part accuracy requirements, and the plastic Injection mould part accuracy requirements should be higher than the dimensional accuracy requirements.

  Many plastic Injection moulds purchased directly from the market have defects of one kind or another in terms of material, accuracy, or service life. Therefore, more and more companies choose professionals to treat plastic Injection moulds. mould custom processing.

  As a technical foundry company, Haiyan already has rich experience in plastic Injection mould custom processing. The ability to fully grasp the composite precision process combination technology, precision inspection technology, and the use of CAD/CAE technology and the mold technology have advantages in a long life, multi-cavity, modularization, and other types. It is suitable for companies that want to customize plastic Injection mould. Said it would be a good partner.