Pay Attention To Car Parts Mould Processing

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Pay Attention To Car Parts Mould Processing

  Among the products of injection molds, car parts mould can be regarded as a relatively important product because of its high value and relatively large volume. The difficulty of production is much higher than that of ordinary products. Therefore, HAIYAN recommends that if you want to produce such large-scale automobile molds, you must pay special attention to many aspects, especially in such a few places, we must be very careful.

  One, raw material selection

  When producing this kind of car parts mould, what we will see is that the choice of raw materials is often different from some small moulds, because both have greater requirements in the use environment and application requirements. Such large-scale automobile molds often require more raw materials in terms of strength. Therefore, when selecting relevant plastic raw materials, they must also meet the corresponding attribute requirements, to ensure the production of car parts. Mould can finally achieve the ideal use effect for us.

  2. Use performance

  Generally, car parts moulds such as car parts mould are very holistic when they are used. Once one of the details is damaged or there is a problem, then the entire mold can no longer be used. Therefore, when producing this type of mold, you must pay attention to every detail to ensure that it will not be caused by the lack of details. A scrap of the entire mold.

  Three, dimensional accuracy

  When producing automobile molds, the size and accuracy are the basis. It is required that in such large-scale automobile molds, the requirements for dimensional accuracy are not lower than those of small molds. It still needs to be made carefully. The most accurate size can make this type of mold play a better role in the production line.