How To Do Comprehensive Statistics Of Car Parts Mould?

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How To Do Comprehensive Statistics Of Car Parts Mould?

  Car parts mould is a very tedious thing, because not only are there many kinds of car parts mould, but also the number of some types is not easy to count. For example, some small car parts moulds or screws must have certain methods and attention factors in the statistical process, so what aspects should be paid attention to?

  Many aspects affect car parts mould data. For example, the parts in the car parts mould library itself have a certain basic number, so we must be accurate when checking the basic number. The second point is to take good care of and check the bill of materials for parts and components and keep the bill of materials and various data every time material is issued. The quantity is clear. Third, the custodian and statistician spare parts materials, custodian and statistician should reduce inventory in time. Fourth, for the parts sold, it must be possible to print the sales settlement list and make new statistics on the inventory. Fifth, the financial staff should check the amount received and the actual amount received daily, and regularly check the spare parts inventory with the spare parts warehouse. Sixth, when purchasing goods, be sure to check the goods and compare them with the physical objects through the list.

  The above six points are some elements that should be paid attention to in the data statistics of car parts mould. Through these concerns, we can more accurately count the inventory and sales of car parts mould.