How Long Does It Take To Process Plastic Part Mould

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How Long Does It Take To Process Plastic Part Mould

  Regarding how long it takes to produce and process plastic part mould, this question cannot be generalized. It must be considered from all aspects, such as the difficulty factor of product structure, production and processing, customer product regulations, product raw material characteristics, and the starting batch of mold products, which is also the mold cavity. number.

  1. Product regulations: Different customers have different requirements for products. The outer surface of the design plan is sub-surface or bright or mirror glass, which will endanger the manufacturing cycle time of plastic part mould.

  2. Product specification: Yes, the larger the specification, the longer the cycle time of plastic part mould production and processing will be. The corresponding spare parts processing time will also be longer.

  3. Product structure: It refers to the structural difficulty coefficient given by the enterprise to the plastic part sample. Generally, it can be understood as follows: the more complex the plastic part looks, the greater the difficulty coefficient of making a mold. Technically, the more plastic parts are analyzed, the larger the installation position, the buckle structure, the hole spacing, and the rib position, and the greater the difficulty of production and processing. Increase. Generally speaking, the more complicated the mold structure, the lower the quality, the more difficult the production and processing, the more difficult points, and the slower the actual effect of the subsequent products.

  4. The number of cavities of the mold: it is also the number of cavities in a set of molds. A set of molds can produce many products because there are not many customer products in the market. There are differences between two products and one product. Production and processing The time will also be different. Everything is normal, because the new product has not been fully opened in the market, and the requirements of the sales market for this product are not so great. At this time, the number of cavities of the injection molding mold does not need to be so many, and it can ensure the market demand, and the cost performance is relatively high. In terms of is big. Naturally, after the product's sales market is cultivated and perfected, the number of cavities of the mold must be increased. It depends on the needs of the sales market to determine whether to make a change in the number of cavities and feedback on the requirements of the sales market with comments.