How Can The Quality Of Plastic Injection Mould Be Controlled?

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How Can The Quality Of Plastic Injection Mould Be Controlled?

  Plastic injection mould is a common molding machine in the industry. Therefore, when manufacturing plastic injection mould, we must pay attention to its quality problems and control the quality of plastic injection mould. We mainly control the following five aspects.

  1. The plastic mold should have product data processing, process data processing, and drawing document processing, to ensure the comprehensiveness of the document and the consistency of the drawing version; so that the drawing can be effectively shared and effectively used for inquiry. . Able to establish an indispensable document processing computer database, organize and use many design drawings, scattered, previously scattered, and isolated information in the design part to prevent 2d and 3d disorder due to design drawings, original and design changes, Repair version disorder, 3D model and 2D drawing data inconsistency, 2D drawing design is not standardized, disordered and constitutes a problem that is not easy to be discovered and corrected in time, which constitutes plastic injection must be revised and reworked, or even scrapped, add plastic injection The manufacturing cost of mould lengthens the production cycle of mould manufacturing and affects development.

  2. Draw up a complete plastic injection mould production and processing system to complete the computer information processing system for product data processing, process data processing, planning processing, and development processing in the production processing process of the mold, including the formulation of mold production plans, molds Design, process formulation, workshop task allocation, product inspection, warehouse processing, etc., enable plastic injection mould to complete all-round tracking and processing in manufacturing and related auxiliary information from plan formulation to completion.

  3. Organically organize and integrate information such as planning, design, processing technology, workshop production conditions, human resources, etc. for the overall planning, and then plan and produce effectively and harmoniously, which can effectively guarantee the quality of plastic injection mould and deliver on time.

  4. Effectively control the issuance of work subpoenas in the workshop to effectively deal with a scrap of tools; through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing, and accurate parts detection, the plastic injection mould will be effectively reduced due to design changes and repairs. And the additional cost brought, and then get the actual cost of each mold, effectively control the quality of the mold.

  5. Adhere to the consistency and integrity of plastic injection mould drawings, processing technology, and data: through effective, detailed, and strict testing methods, ensure the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology, and data sex.