Degumming Of Upholstery Cloth On The Roof Of The Car

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Degumming Of Upholstery Cloth On The Roof Of The Car

  Carports are generally made of interior fabrics. However, the service life is short. After 2-3 years, it is easy to degumming and leaking after being exposed to the wind and the sun, and it will be scrapped in the event of a typhoon. The car parts mould factory tells you what to do if the interior cloth on the roof of the car is degummed


  Check frequently/the rope of the ceiling is loose or broken, and replace it in time. Especially to strengthen before the typhoon.

  Replacing the ceiling / using color steel tiles instead of interior cloth, the cost is not high, not afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain, not afraid of typhoon disturbance, and the use time is much longer than the interior cloth ceiling.

  First, the ceiling edges are degummed

  Degumming of the ceiling edge may be due to the aging of the flannel sponge, causing the edge to peel off. This problem is still relatively easy to solve. Buy a bottle of special car glue or glue products, remove along the edge, spray glue, dry for 3-5 minutes, and then apply the glue;

  Second, the middle of the ceiling collapsed

  If the middle of the car roof collapses or falls off, it is not convenient to disassemble it at this time. We can choose buckles for repair, as shown in the picture: choose buckles with similar colors. The disadvantage is not very aesthetic, but it is also a practical method;

  Third, the auto interior parts mould ceiling falls off in a large area

  At this time, it is necessary to remove the entire ceiling, remove the old ceiling cloth, clean the aging sponge on the surface, prepare a new ceiling cloth, and prepare a special ceiling glue. Spray glue on both sides, let dry for 3-5 minutes, then stick. , install the ceiling. However, if you want a better repair, go to a repair shop, although the price is a bit expensive.