Cleaning Of Auto Interior Parts Mould

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Cleaning Of Auto Interior Parts Mould

  Auto interior parts mould is a part system that uses the most plastic materials in auto parts, mainly including bumpers, air intake grilles, rearview mirrors, side skirts, car lights, pillar trims, luggage racks, door handles, sunroofs, Wipers, etc. At present, the commonly used exterior materials are PP, ABS, ASA, POM, PA, PC, PE, etc., but the materials used in each part are different. The following materials are introduced for several common rubber and plastic exterior parts The choice and application situation.

  Automotive interiors mainly include the following subsystems: instrument panel system, auxiliary instrument panel system, door guard panel system, ceiling system, seat system, column guard panel system, other cabin interior fitting systems, cabin air circulation system, luggage Box interior fitting system, engine compartment interior fitting system, carpet, seat belt, airbag, steering wheel, as well as interior lighting, interior acoustic system, etc.

  Auto interior parts mould The main parts for cleaning and care are front and rear bumpers, stainless steel parts, chrome-plated parts for exterior decoration, glass, car lights, wheels, tires, etc. These exterior parts are prone to oxidation, cracking, aging, and loss of luster after long-term exposure to wind and sun, acid and alkali corrosion. Therefore, it is particularly important to regularly clean and care for auto interior parts mould.