Basic Conditions For Plastic Injection Mould Processing

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Basic Conditions For Plastic Injection Mould Processing

  1. Close the molding pressure: in principle, it should be greater than the total pressure of the plastic injection into the mold, with no burrs as the benchmark

  2. Injection molding speed: The speed of the injection molding machine determines the condition of the raw materials in the plastic Injection mould runner and the finished product, such as burrs, oversaturation, burning, short shots, shrinkage, poor bonding, and easy breakage, etc.

  3. Injection molding temperature: different raw materials, different temperatures, too low, uneven color of the solution glue, and increased internal stress of the finished product. Because the temperature is too low, the pressurization is too high, which may cause the screw to break. If the temperature is too high, the product has burrs, and due to cooling, A temperature difference occurs, causing shrinkage.

  4. Backpressure of injection molding: The resistance of the screw of the injection molding machine to retreat when rotating and feeding is called backpressure. Its function makes the raw material more compact during conveying and compression so that the air and moisture of the raw material can be discharged from the back of the screw so that the sol does not contain any influence. The gas composition on the surface of the finished product is low, there will be air bubbles, surface silver streaks, high will cause overheating, agglomeration, glue overflow, long cycle, the screw does not retreat, and the application of loosening is very important.