Attention To Work Hardening Of Plastic Injection Mould

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Attention To Work Hardening Of Plastic Injection Mould

  As we all know, plastic injection mould processing is an industry with a wide range of knowledge and strong technical and practicality. In the process of precision plastic injection mould processing, plastic raw materials, toners, nozzle materials, molds, plastic injection mould machines, peripheral equipment, Fixtures, sprays, various accessories, packaging materials, etc., have brought a lot of workload and difficulty to the management of the plastic injection mould workshop, which requires us to pay special attention. Hardening is an important part of plastic injection mould processing. Let's briefly introduce it below.

  Precision plastic injection mould work hardening refers to the process of completing the cross-linking reaction during plastic molding. The hardening speed is usually expressed in the second speed of the plastic sample hardening 1mm thickness, the smaller the value, the faster the hardening speed.

  Precise plastic injection mould work hardening speed is closely related to the variety of plastic injection mould processing raw materials, the shape of plastic parts, wall thickness, forming temperature, and whether it is preheated and pre-pressed, such as the selection of pressing ingots, preheating, increasing the forming temperature and increasing Pressurization time and other methods can significantly accelerate the hardening speed. In addition, the hardening speed should also be suitable for the requirements of the molding method. For example, when injection molding or injection molding, it should be required that the chemical reaction is slow during plasticization and filling, the hardening is slow, and it has maintained a long-term working condition.

  In addition, after filling the cavity, it should harden rapidly under high temperature and high pressure. The plastic with slow hardening speed processed by precision car parts mould will lengthen the molding cycle and reduce productivity. The plastic with fast hardening speed cannot be formed into messy plastic injection mould parts. Therefore, in the process of plastic injection mould processing, it is necessary to strictly control the work hardening speed of plastic injection mould.